VIDEO: News On 6 Interview Eric Maddox And Say Mission:Blacklist Starts Filming In August

News on 6 (Oklahoma) did a great interview with Eric Maddox recently about how he became an interrogator and ultimately tracking down Saddam Hussein. They also say something VERY interesting at the end of their report. They say that … [Continue reading]

INTERVIEW: Mission: Blacklist screenwriter talks about the film and compliments Maddox, Sauvaire & Pattinson

Dylan Kussman

Mission Blacklist France scored an awesome interview with Mission: Blacklist screenwriter, Dylan Kussman. He shared about his work on the film's script, praised Eric Maddox, Jean Stephane Sauvaire and Robert Pattinson and more! Tell us about … [Continue reading]

Eric Maddox Talks Mission:Blacklist, Robert Pattinson & What Makes A Good Interrogator

Eric Maddox spoke at the University of Oklahoma last Wednesday and shared the story of the steps leading to the capture of Hussein. He spoke about his book Mission:Blacklist being made into a movie, not knowing who Robert Pattinson was & … [Continue reading]

PICS & TWEETS: Eric Maddox showered with praise at captivating speaking engagement for @OUCAC

"Met Eric Maddox! (He orchestrated the capture of Saddam Hussein.)"

Eric Maddox spoke at the University of Oklahoma last night and saying he was well received is an understatement. From the Oklahoma Daily: Sooners learned Wednesday about the incredible impact people can have after leaving OU from a graduate … [Continue reading]

PHOTO: Robert Pattinson and Eric Maddox

Eric Maddox and Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, who will play Eric Maddox in Mission: Blacklist, photographed with Eric in an undated photo. Mission: Blacklist is rumored to begin filming in April 2013. Eric Maddox wrote the book Mission Blacklist #1 - his real life story … [Continue reading]

Embankment Films List “Mission:Blacklist” As Part of Their Line Up For FilmMart (Hong Kong)

MB Filmart 2013

Embankment Films have listed Misson:Blacklist on their line-up for Filmart. FilmMart, Hong Kong's International Film & TV Market, takes place between 18-23 March Source … [Continue reading]

“Mission Blacklist” UPDATED Filming Schedule & Location Information

Mission Blacklist update

UPDATE: The Improper suggests that location shooting for Mission:Blacklist could take place in Morocco or Jordan. Obviously if there is anymore news or official confirmation of this we'll update and let you know all about it. From The … [Continue reading]

UPDATE: Embankment Films Lists Mission:Blacklist In Their Line-up At AFM 2012 + Start date removed

UPDATE: April 2013 has been removed from STATUS on Embankment Films site: … [Continue reading]

Robert Pattinson on Mission: Blacklist: “That’s probably out of anybody’s comfort zone.”


Metro had a chance to speak to Robert Pattinson during Breaking Dawn Part 2 promo and he mentioned Mission: Blacklist. We excerpted the portion with the mentions and bolded the ones specific to MB: What drives him As evidenced by recent choices … [Continue reading]

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson talks about filming in Iraq and his parents reaction

Get More: Robert Pattinson, Movie Trailers, Movies Blog Excerpt from MTV: Nerve-racking as "The Rover" is, it pales in comparison to the real-life dangers presented by "Mission: Blacklist," Pattinson's upcoming war movie based on the true … [Continue reading]