Mission: Blacklist one of 200 Most Anticipated Films of 2014 – Prepare for “darker shades of the psychosis”

With Embankment still listing Mission: Blacklist with a second quarter start this year, the film still made an anticipated list for 2014.


Ioncinema ranked Mission: Blacklist number 92 out of 200 Most Anticipated Films of 2014:

Director: Jesper Gandslant
Writers: Erik Jendressen, Dylan Kussman and Trace Sheehan
Producers: Preferred Content’s Ross M. Dinerstein, Jendresen, Kevin Waller
U.S. Distributor: Rights Available
Cast: Robert Pattinson

His last two oeuvres in the complex, dark The Ape accompanied by the estrogen-filled audit called Blondie demonstrate Jesper Ganslandt’s filmic temperament as one that is both alluring and volatile, so naturally we’re thinking that the Swedish auteur could embed this fact-based thriller with darker shades of the psychosis. We’ve lost track of this project which was supposed to have begun lensing in January, and with Robert Pattinson in constant flux we imagine that we’ll be getting a news flash update of sorts fairly soon.

Gist: Based on the book Mission: Black List #1 – The Inside Story of the Search for Saddam Hussein – As Told by the Soldier Who Masterminded His Capture by Eric Maddox with Davin Seay, unlike other Interrogators fresh out of training, Eric Maddox (Pattinson) has a brilliant and beautiful mind. He has a unique ability to decipher highly complex patterns from seemingly random events. His mission is to trap the world’s most wanted man, Saddam Hussein – and he must defy his superiors to uncover his prey. The closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous the hunt becomes.

Release Date: Still in development, to have a shot at a 2014 calender release this will need to shoot before the month of May to break out this year.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress!

VIDEO: Eric Maddox talks about Mission: Blacklist and when filming should begin

Here’s the full interview.


If the embed doesn’t work for the full interview, click HERE if you’d like to watch!

Eric also mentioned Robert Pattinson and the project during an interview with KGOU Radio. Here is a portion of what he shared, thanks to Spunk Ransom:

GRILLOT: So I have to mention here, as we’re finishing up, your book Mission: Blacklist is going to be made into a film. Robert Pattinson’s been cast to play you in your movie. How do you feel about that? What are we going to learn? What are we going to see in this film?

MADDOX: I’m very excited about it. The one thing I’ve asked is that the movie be as real as possible. And working with Rob, that’s the one thing he insists on. He always asks me, ‘Is this real? Did this happen?’ So it’s exciting. We’ll see.

GRILLOT: Well we’ll be looking forward to that in the next year.

Click HERE to listen to that full interview.


Deadline Confirms Mission: Blacklist Director Jesper Ganslandt & FALL START DATE!

Mission: Blacklist Director Jesper Ganslandt

Mission: Blacklist Director Jesper Ganslandt

UPDATE: Fellow MB blogger, @Blacklist_Blog, did some research after the announcement that Mission: Blacklist was receiving California tax credits. She received info that principal photography is slated for Sept. 30th! This is a report from the California Film Commission and not Mission: Blacklist production. Click HERE to read.

Deadline confirmed what we reported on June 24; Jesper Ganslandt is the new director for Mission: Blacklist with filming starting this fall. Earlier today, we reported news from writer Dylan Kussman that they are currently in rewrites to take into account notes provided by Ganslandt.

Other info Deadline shared:

The script is by Band of Brothers scribe Erik Jendressen, Dylan Kussman, and Trace Sheehan. Ross M. Dinerstein of Preferred Content is producing alongside Jendressen and Kevin Waller, with Code Entertainment producing and financing the project. Jesper is repped by Paradigm and Magnolia.

TWEET: Mission: Blacklist screenwriter talks pre-produciton status and new director, Jesper Ganslandt

YAY! All has been quiet on the waterfront but screenwriter, Dylan Kussman, dropped a little hint about the progress of the film:

Jesper Ganslandt took over the helm of Mission: Blacklist when Jean Stephane-Sauvaire left the film last month. Click HERE if you missed the announcement. We’ll keep you posted!

VIDEO: News On 6 Interview Eric Maddox And Say Mission:Blacklist Starts Filming In August

News on 6 (Oklahoma) did a great interview with Eric Maddox recently about how he became an interrogator and ultimately tracking down Saddam Hussein.
They also say something VERY interesting at the end of their report. They say that Mission:Blacklist starts filming this August!

We’re keeping everything crossed and will obviously update you if there’s anymore information on this.

In the meantime check out the interview below………


PHOTO: Robert Pattinson and Eric Maddox

Robert Pattinson, who will play Eric Maddox in Mission: Blacklist, photographed with Eric in an undated photo. Mission: Blacklist is rumored to begin filming in April 2013.

Eric Maddox wrote the book Mission Blacklist #1 – his real life story about being a military interrogator which chronicles the capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Eric Maddox and Robert Pattinson

Eric Maddox and Robert Pattinson

Source | Via

Embankment Films List “Mission:Blacklist” As Part of Their Line Up For FilmMart (Hong Kong)

Embankment Films have listed Misson:Blacklist on their line-up for Filmart.
FilmMart, Hong Kong’s International Film & TV Market, takes place between 18-23 March

MB Filmart 2013


“Mission Blacklist” UPDATED Filming Schedule & Location Information

UPDATE: The Improper suggests that location shooting for Mission:Blacklist could take place in Morocco or Jordan.
Obviously if there is anymore news or official confirmation of this we’ll update and let you know all about it.

From The Improper:

A source confirms to The Improper that the movie won’t be shot in Iraq as originally reported. The film will likely do its location shooting in Morocco or Jordan.

A number of period desert films have been shot the North African country, including 2001′s “Black Hawk Down.” In the last few years, Michael Patrick King’s “Sex and the City 2,” Disney’s “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” and “Inception” have been filmed there.

But Director Kathryn Bigelow chose to film her Oscar-winning Iraq war epic, “The Hurt Locker,” in Jordan. She wanted to be as close to Iraq as possible, while avoiding the war-torn country. “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” also filmed in Jordan in 1988.

Check out the rest of the article over at The Improper

Embankment Films have updated their website and added the delivery date for Mission:Blackist as Summer 2014.

As we reported before the start date for Principal Photography is April 2013.

But there’s an update also on location, BlacklistMovie spoke via email to Embankment Films about the location and were told “It will not be Iraq, they start shooting in April.”

Mission Blacklist update

Source / BlacklistMovie

UPDATE: Embankment Films Lists Mission:Blacklist In Their Line-up At AFM 2012 + Start date removed

UPDATE: April 2013 has been removed from STATUS on Embankment Films site:

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UPDATE: Embankment Films Lists Mission:Blacklist In Their Line-up At AFM 2012

UPDATE: April 2013 has been removed from STATUS on Embankment Films site


Embankment Films have Mission:Blacklist on their line up of films at AFM 2012 and they have a start date Of April 2013 listed


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